Installation of security devices

With the development of information technology systems, the wider reach and volume of the Internet, security professionals have to implement more sophisticated security policies to protect against threats to their networks. In order to protect networks, it is necessary not only to provide access control to important resources, but also to take a number of different measures.

It is important to do the following for the optimal solution of network security:

  • A security policy must be defined and applied to all network traffic.
  • Network users must be identified and monitored based on identification information.
  • Necessary systems should be set up for real-time monitoring of network movements and records of instant network movements defined in the security policy should be kept.
  • Necessary measures should be taken to establish the necessary security systems and anti-attack systems to detect potential attacks that the network may be exposed to in real time.
  • Measures taken for network security should not lead to problems with the Internet connection and disruption of network performance.
  • With its experienced and qualified staff, Beetech provides consulting services to determine the security needs of institutions, and offers clients the following services in this area;
  • Penetration testing and identification of deficiencies, identification of potential risks in weak areas and taking measures.
  • Establishing a corporate security policy.
  • Implement appropriate software and hardware to build the required activities.
  • Application of this mechanism to all related systems.
  • Providing relevant trainings for information.
  • Monitoring network security through external resources.

Beetech is also responsible for managing security systems and software, as well as network security measures to meet customer needs. Security system management includes 24/7 monitoring of security systems, analysis of logs, preparation of summaries and detailed reports, and determination of required security parameters after possible changes in networks. The security programs and equipment used for network security are described below: 

  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Attack Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Intervention Prevention Systems (IPS)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Content (Web) filtering (URL filtering)
  • Email filtering (email filtering)
  • Network Connection Control (NAC)