Establishment of security systems

Input management and control systems

Beetech offers integrated control release solutions that will ensure the safety of people, buildings, sites and various structures. Thanks to the control release systems we have developed, only those with special permits can enter the relevant territory and space. The systems we offer range from simple electronic keys designed for buildings to complex mechanical key switches applied to the server database of a data center in need of special protection. Although our services include the following, our activities are not limited to these services:

  • Biometric technologies - fingerprint identification and access to the relevant area or building;
  • Superior security - Protection of areas with restricted access. Thanks to the support of our partners, we are able to offer control release systems for a variety of businesses, large and small;
  • Video surveillance - Through visual recognition and video analysis, only privately authorized employees can access areas under your special protection;
  • Mobile Edition - Using this feature, your employees can access the relevant area via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

By applying these systems, any enterprise or organization can easily control the transition process in its territory and buildings. In this way, it can create strong security conditions by detecting gaps. The integrated information system provides a wide range of opportunities and conditions for security personnel to easily prevent violations of the rules of entry and control. When security breaches are detected, such as unauthorized access by intruders, intrusion attempts, or attempts to log in under the wrong username, our intelligent system sends instant notifications in real time. Thanks to BestComp Group solutions, you can easily analyze the releases and actions of employees, guests and users. In addition, you can get extensive and detailed information on permitted admissions and entrances for each indoor space, area and area. 

Video surveillance system

The number and range of solutions offered in the field of Video Surveillance System (VMS) is very wide, but choosing the right one is really difficult. Therefore, you need to know exactly what you will achieve to achieve the desired goal. BestComp Group's VMS experts will help you choose the most appropriate means to meet your business needs by analyzing your performance and taking into account the functionality. We offer intelligent surveillance solutions that can be scaled and scaled, as well as high-precision CCTV cameras with low-bandwidth capabilities to obtain quality images:

  • Smart, high-resolution cameras;
  • Face recognition cameras;
  • Hidden and exposed cameras;
  • Thermal and infrared cameras;
  • Detection and motion-sensitive cameras.

We offer all of the above and other services based on a reliable communication network, including fiber-optic and LAN cables, wireless communication and other modern technologies, remote control and video recording, as well as cloud solutions, in accordance with relevant requirements and existing infrastructure. You can contact us to determine the best Video Surveillance System and tools for your business.