Telephone exchange and video conference

Telephone exchange and video conference

We share with you our experience in comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of your enterprise or organization's central, call center and video conferencing. We determine the most suitable option for your enterprise with analog, digital and IP-based solutions in voice and video exchange, together we organize and implement the project. In voice and video transmission devices, it not only offers you long-term solutions, preferring the world's leading brands, but also speeds up the work process and reduces the workload by converting manpower into technology.

Manage your audio and video surveillance system easily.

Systems that can be easily set up and managed by IT staff without the need for advanced network or Linux knowledge and experience, easily meet the requirements that may arise after the sale.

  • No need for advanced telecommunications knowledge or additional training
  • Brand independence
  • You can easily manage everything from the control center
  • Make a choice from popular IP phones, VoIP connections, SIP providers.

Your internal line is everywhere

You can easily use smartphone software on mobile phones and Mac / Windows computers. With this software, employees can use office numbers entirely outside the office. All calls are free of charge, and employees can get a professional look by using a single number.

  • Carry an internal telephone line wherever you go
  • All calls are free - reduce mobile phone bills
  • Increase productivity - get the opportunity to work everywhere
  • Use a number - do not use your personal mobile phone

Reduce phone bills by half and increase sales
With the IP telephone system, you can get rid of a large number of telephone lines using SIP VoIP service provider and WebRTC, and reduce your phone costs by 80% by providing long-distance free calls. With CRM integration, you can see names and information instead of customer numbers.

Save on call costs by reducing mobile and landline phone bills.
You can add and delete unlimited internal line numbers - no license fee is required for the user.
With CRM integration, know who's calling - increase customer satisfaction.
You can use open, standard and affordable equipment without changing your existing equipment and infrastructure.

  • Analog, digital and IP switching systems
  • Analog, digital and IP phones
  • PoE Switches
  • Video conferencing systems
  • Call center headphones
  • VOIP products